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Pink Knights

Plays: 8  |    Developer: Jetzoo1 |

Mobile Game Pink Knights

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The Pink Knights are under command and belong to a 3 different Groups.

The Three different groups.

1.) The Spearmen

2.) The Knights

3.) The Archer


Real Time Strategy War that takes place on a Battlefield.

* Goal* = To over run the enemy castle you will need to take part in proper strategy , and tatics to defeat the enemy.

Features= 40 Levels

Bonus Coins

Strategy Rules


How to Play: The three types of Warriors

1.) Spearmen cost 3 coins

2.) Archer cost 10 coins

3.) Knights cost 30 coins


The bottom of the screen is a buy warrior panel. Tap at a Warrior to submit.










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iDev Rated:

Great game!


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Jetzoo1 Rated:

Thank you so much iDev


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fritz Rated:

Nice App I like these type battle games

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