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Desarrollador independiente, normalmente de juegos casuales.

Si te gustan los juegos, me alegro, si no, pues intentaré mejorar ;)

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Pharaoh, the pixel adventure

Pharaoh, the pixel adventure

Pharaoh, the pixel adventure game, your girl has been kidnapped by the Pharaoh of the pyramid, goes through the 55 rooms of the pyramid to rescue her, but beware, the mummies, scorpions, zombies, snakes, bats and traps of the pyramid will try to prev...
Zig Zag Racing

Zig Zag Racing

Zig Zag Racing is a minimalist game where you have to demonstrate your ability to pass through the goal as many times as you can, in the form of a loop XD A racing game where you will have to compete against yourself to beat your record and get on t...

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