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Free HTML5 Games Online!

We are home to a collection of the best indie web games online. All of our games are free to play straight from your browser and do not require any downloads or plugins. If you are looking to play something new and unique take a look at our popular games below.

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mobilemobile Fidget Spinner Monster

Fidget Spinner Monster

Spin the fidget hand spinner and balance on the wooden plank for the desired amount of time to complete each level. Gogo and Gigi, the green and red blob monste...

mobilemobile Zig Zag Racing

Zig Zag Racing

Zig Zag Racing is a minimalist game where you have to demonstrate your ability to pass through the goal as many times as you can, in the form of a loop XD A ra...

ad freead free Fruit Salad Slice

Fruit Salad Slice

A totally FREE fun & fast paced fruit slicing game you will be addicted to! Like fruit ninja or other cooking games but with a twist. Cooking fruit salad's ha...

mobilemobile Sopa De Laurel

Sopa De Laurel

Find the way to introduce the piece that you give us on the board and picking up the order....

ad freead freemobilemobile Bitcoin Wallet Simulator

Bitcoin Wallet Simulator

Experience the feeling of becoming a bitcoin billionaire in this simulated bitcoin mining game that will allow you to sell it against the simulated market....

mobilemobile Velocity


Rock your way through eight hellish levels while collecting trophies and absorbing the lost souls of the damned. See if you have what it takes to escape throug...

mobilemobile ASTAVOID


Arcade-style endless space shooter: ASTAVOID-- Starts slow and continues to ramp up, but quick thinking and sharp shooting aren't your only allies....



Climb Up to Help Save Princess Pink-Thing if you Can .... Retro Style Complete Direction are on screen when in game Play...

Biz Life

Biz Life

The Business Simulator, work, buy, and become a millionaire....

ad freead freemobilemobile SUM no.2

SUM no.2

Check out the new level of this awesome math puzzle game...

Wild Forest Hunter

Wild Forest Hunter

Try to shoot as many animals as you can before the timer runs out!...

ad freead free Gods' Fall - Ascension of High Kings

Gods' Fall - Ascension of High Kings

Choose your race and lead your army through epic battles!...

mobilemobile Dice Mix

Dice Mix

Move the blue dice to the reds position and the red dice to the blues position within smallest number of moves. A dice can be moved to an empty space which is n...

mobilemobile Color BALL

Color BALL

Game for fun :) control with right mouse button or left mouse button...

What are we all about?

A HTML5 games platform made by an indie game developer for indie game developers and indie gamers! If you are a developer upload your games for free to our platform that allows you to easily publish your games instantly online. Most importantly, you can choose to earn from each player through our intergrated advertising network My-Ga.me. The aim of this site is to give indie developers the earning power of fullscreen ads quickly and easily from their free web games online. Earning power that is usually in the hands of the arcade owner opposed to the indie game developers, made possible by having our own advertising network. Best of all we will host all your game files for you. Also if you first started your project as a mobile game, this site will allow mobile vistors to play your games straight from their mobile browsers too.

Our community isn't just made for HTML5 game developers either. We are a great resource for learning or for sharing your knowledge with other developers while making a name for yourself in the community. You can also write a dev log which is a great way to gain more interest for your games on other platforms.

Not a game developer? Not a problem! Whats a game without gamers there to play them? Creating an account allows you to make a gamer account giving you the ability to like, review games, comment on tutorials and dev logs while supporting the game developers to help them make even better games! Best of all you have your own profile too that you can level up by earning xp just by playing, liking, reviewing and commenting. So the community can see just how much you support independent game developers and help them to make great free games for everyone to enjoy.

Benefits For Developers

Earn More

Earn More From Web Games!

Make money from every player. Best of all you will earn 100% of the profit from your games straight into your own my-ga.me account.

Mobile friendly

Mobile Friendly!

Build your games with mobile controls and your game will be playable on many mobile devices by visiting the website in a mobile browser.

Greater traffic

Greater Exposure!

Embed your game on any site or web page and still earn from every player, even when players play your game while on other sites.

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