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A Simple Wave Defense

Plays: 4   5.0/5.0 |    Developer: AmRivera
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A Simple Wave Defense

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Here is a simple game I made with construct 2 to mess around with it.  The game isn't really that good, it's pretty much a test I did to experiment with things I learned from my programming classes in high school.  You control a single turret whose job is to protect the bar behind it from approaching blocks.  To shoot you hold down the left mouse button and every second the turret shoots.  The enemy is green blocks that are spawn outside and will approach the bar, they are really easy to destroy as only one shot is needed, but what they lack in strength they make up in numbers.  The bar can only take 10 damage which can be seen as text, when it's destroyed its game over, good luck.  I plan to make much better games in the future.

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1 week ago
iDev Rated:

Great game!

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