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Easter Egg vs Bunny

Plays: 68   |  5.0/5.0 |    Developer: paul62 |    paulmakegames.blogspot.my

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    window.onload = function() {
        var thegamelink = "https://play.idevgames.co.uk/embed/easter-egg-vs-bunny";
        var ref = document.referrer;
        var theurl = document.referrer;
        ref = ref.substring(ref.indexOf("://") + 3);
        ref = ref.split("/")[0];
        if(ref == "my-ga.me"){
        theurl = "true"
        } else {
            theurl = "false"
        document.getElementById("embededGame").src = thegamelink+"/"+theurl+"?url="+window.location.href;
<div style="position: relative;height: 0;overflow: hidden;padding-bottom: 56.25%;">
    <iframe id="embededGame" src="https://play.idevgames.co.uk/embed/easter-egg-vs-bunny" scrolling="no" seamless="seamless" frameBorder="0" style="position: absolute;top:0;left: 0;width: 100%;height: 100%;">Browser not compatible.</iframe>
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Easter Egg vs Bunny

A cute Easter egg is running and hopping happily in the garden. However, Easter bunnies are also running wild and joyful. Avoid colliding into the bunnies. Collect the carrot Power-Up to throw at the bunnies to make them vanish. Run as far as you can for high score.


* Happy and funny game
* Cute eggs and bunnies
* Infinite levels.
* Special Surprise : Invincibility Shields and Health Repair


Tap to hop over the bunnies.

Play this addictive Easter egg and bunny game today!

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2 years ago
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