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Find The Cure - Early Access

Plays: 42   |  5.0/5.0 |    Developer: AKking_YT |    akking-yt.itch.io/

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        var thegamelink = "https://play.idevgames.co.uk/embed/find-the-cure---early-access";
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<div style="position: relative;height: 0;overflow: hidden;padding-bottom: 56.25%;">
    <iframe id="embededGame" src="https://play.idevgames.co.uk/embed/find-the-cure---early-access" scrolling="no" seamless="seamless" frameBorder="0" style="position: absolute;top:0;left: 0;width: 100%;height: 100%;">Browser not compatible.</iframe>
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Find The Cure - Early Access

You are the last hope of mankind, the company Geo-Tech had created a virus that infected the brain and caused the infected to become mindless killers. Geo-Tech promised they would make a cure but a year after announcing the cure they left into space to start a new civilization on mars. Their facilities are now empty of humans. Some workers that didn't make it to the ship in time were able to escape the hordes that invaded the building. They say that a cure is possible but they need the right materials. Its up to you to find these materials and save humanity.. or whats left of it...

[This game is currently in development]

Game can also be found here: https://akking-yt.itch.io/find-the-cure

Trailer: https://youtu.be/P2tEJeiWnUY

Music: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClR2bM3bxOHTuw5q6O27Czw

Patch Notes

Below are the patch notes from the past updates to this game.

Fixed multiple bugs including, player hitbox, jump not working, and zombies hitbox

The player now has heath, perma death is still on, level 4 is now completable, the game can be finished 

Beta1.7 - Fixed the jumping bug, made the 4th level beatable, small bug fixes.

Beta 1.1 - Game launch, just tutorial.

Beta 1.2 - added main menu and music

Beta 1.3 - Added level 1, fixed tutorial

Beta 1.4 - Added levels 2-4

Beta 1.5 - Fixed bugs that broke the game

Beta 1.6 - Fixed up all the levels, launched final draft to jam,

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10 months ago
iDev Rated:

Great game!

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10 months ago
AKking_YT Rated:

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