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Ninja Arena Warrior

Plays: 2,626   5.0/5.0 |    Developer: iDev |
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Mobile Game Ninja Arena Warrior

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Fight for your life in this endless pixel bloodbath and put your skills to the test as you hack and slash your way through the ultimate tournament of death. An addictive fast paced fighting action game. 

Every 15 seconds a new contestant will enter the arena. You must prove your skills as a warrior to stay alive. Level your character as you play all the way until level 999. Your health will regenerate over time, as long as your not blocking. You will also get full health when leveling up.


X - Block

Z - Flip

A - Slash

B - Double Slash

Use arrows for movement

This game is entirely free, so consider giving it a share with your friends and to check out the other great games on the site!


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3 weeks ago
iDev Rated:

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3 weeks ago
dark1994 Rated:

Fantastic game and addictive

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3 weeks ago
RicHanzHUN Rated:

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3 weeks ago
Qt01 Rated:

good game

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3 weeks ago
Huemerson Rated:

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3 weeks ago
Enter Entertainment Studio Rated:

Nice game!

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