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Ragdoll - Sandbox Physics Game

Plays: 415   5.0/5.0 |    Developer: iDev |

Mobile Game Ragdoll - Sandbox Physics Game
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Ever fancied your hand at being a scientist? Attempting important experiments for… err… science? It’s your job to put the human body to it’s limits, to find out exactly how it would act if lets say. Someone were to fall on their head or if you were dragged into a wall at a ridiculous speed by some unseen force? This is the official reason behind what it is you will be doing. un-officially… the never ending clones at the governments disposal, needs to be used some how.

Based on the dulce base, the same underground base known as the black mesa research facility. Allows you to create your own experiments with edit mode. Allowing you to make a physics sandbox creation to play with your ragdoll.

Ragdoll allows you to cause havoc with physics manipulation. Throw your clone ragdolls around in an attempt to cause the most damage! Ragdoll allows you to manipulate your ragdoll how ever you would like in this addicting sandbox physics games.

Play for free, forever! Ragdoll allows you to throw your clones around whenever and as much as you like. No limits.



Hold the left mouse button to drag ragdoll around the screen.

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iDev Rated:

I've been meaning to add this one. My most downloaded android game!

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Jetzoo1 Rated:


Hi I really like this game, and I find it to be pretty cool and interesting for I never played anything like it before, and I could play for hours.

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Huemerson Rated:

I liked it, interesting and attractive ...

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