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Smart Tower Defence 3!!!

Plays: 41   |  5.0/5.0 |    Developer: AKking_YT |    akking-yt.itch.io/

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    window.onload = function() {
        var thegamelink = "https://play.idevgames.co.uk/embed/smart-tower-defence-3-";
        var ref = document.referrer;
        var theurl = document.referrer;
        ref = ref.substring(ref.indexOf("://") + 3);
        ref = ref.split("/")[0];
        if(ref == "my-ga.me"){
        theurl = "true"
        } else {
            theurl = "false"
        document.getElementById("embededGame").src = thegamelink+"/"+theurl+"?url="+window.location.href;
<div style="position: relative;height: 0;overflow: hidden;padding-bottom: 56.25%;">
    <iframe id="embededGame" src="https://play.idevgames.co.uk/embed/smart-tower-defence-3-" scrolling="no" seamless="seamless" frameBorder="0" style="position: absolute;top:0;left: 0;width: 100%;height: 100%;">Browser not compatible.</iframe>
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Smart Tower Defence 3!!!

You must survive against endless waves of enemies with a limited amount of towers given to you! 3 minutes on each level and bonus levels being added! The game is always getting updates and bug fixes!

(This game is still in early access)

Patch Notes

Below are the patch notes from the past updates to this game.

Re-Made all the art and added new levels along with simple bug fixed and performance enhancers! 

Fixed a crash bug on the first 2 levels and added a 6th level!

Added endless mode, music, Fixed the start screen, and added a level select!

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6 months ago
iDev Rated:

Great game!

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6 months ago
AKking_YT Rated:

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