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The Adventures of a RubberBall

Plays: 28   5.0/5.0 |    Developer: SinglePixelSoft |
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The Adventures of a RubberBall
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Rol...I mean "The Adventures of a Rubber Ball" is a platformer game that draws inspiration from older 3D games (not in a retro-look way) where you guide Ball through various obstacles and stage hazards to reach the goal, while gathering gold coins and finding secrets along the way.

It starts easy enough to finish the first few levels in a blink of an eye - to get the hang of it - but levels get harder and bigger as you progress.
Roll through bite sized levels filled with traps while trying to gather up the coins while taking as less time as possible.

Levels are vibrant, start easy and short but get harder as they go.

• Quality settings for low and high end devices.
• Can use a gamepad or a keyboard.
• Explore 4 worlds (each subdivided into more stages) each with their own theme, hazards and enemies.
• Stages get more and more challenging. (I mean you probably won't get bored?)
• Find secrets and gather all the coins in the levels to unlock a last, harder and bigger stage than the others.


Keyboard: WASD or arrow keys for movement, Space to jump, CTRL to ground pound when in the air, ESC to bring up the options panel once in a level.

Gamepad: Left analog stick for movement, Button 1 to jump (The green A button on an XBox controller), Button 3 to ground pound (blue X button on an XBox controller), Button 4 to bring up the options panel once in a level. (yellow Y button on an XBox controller).


*Can also get this game on Android and iOS with leaderboards on the time it took to complete the levels.

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7 months ago
iDev Rated:

Great game!

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7 months ago
vankizzle Rated:

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