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Plays: 8   5.0/5.0 |    Developer: lukewasthefish |
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Mobile Game Velocity

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Rock your way through eight hellish levels while collecting trophies and absorbing the lost souls of the damned.

See if you have what it takes to escape through the deepest reaches of the underworld.

Use the thrash jump mechanic to dice up enemies and grind down the baddest of bosses, thanks to the incredible speed you can reach via the radical physics engine.



This game was made in two weeks for the annual AGBIC game jam.

Game and art - Luke Vincent

Music - Jace Hampton and Nic Fricke, the __ Cousins

Physics engine - PixelMonkey

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7 months ago
iDev Rated:

Great game!

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7 months ago
vankizzle Rated:

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