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Build Games with Construct2

Posted: 2019-03-21 16:05:31 |    Posted by PunkChic Games

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Hi Everyone,

Build games easily with Scirra Construct2

Here is a quick-start guide to get you started as well

 1.) Free capx codes to get you started ( First come first serve capx codes)

Zombie Doctor NRWR-J52S-MBQK-ENVZ-D9TU
Baby Hand Doctor XN4X-SVR4-PAUP-ZEHR-78QD
Princess Hand Surgery 4VVH-KRD5-MWDQ-5J7X-B8NZ
Zombie Dentist XCHX-46QQ-PJ6K-EZGZ-XEXE
Monster truck PMTS-QCA9-H62R-KMW6-AFQ8


Here are some Custom ones at 50% off and bundles too.....

Coupon Code: 3G8TNQVEXS

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5 months ago
iDev Commented:

Hopefully these will help some

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