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Creating game Crazy Snake - Construct 2

Posted: 2018-07-22 22:25:11 |    Posted by Huemerson |    familiagarcia-samp.forumeiros.com/

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- Create a new project in construct2 and read the layout to layout (1500.1500) enter the layers with the names (UI FimJogo, game, Chao).


-After we will insert the image background (Tiled Background) and adjust it to the size (1334, 1324) centralizing the game screen, will appoint (floor), of very dark color and insert some balls to highlight the movement. Now create a Sprite and name (AreaJogavel) with size (1300, 1290) and also center the screen. (Move them to Chao layer).
- Create a simple sprite to be the head of the character (Sprite) created with the tool (Brush) and enter the eyes and mouth in the second frame I copied the head and fis closed eyes left the Speed 15 for the frame 1 and Speed 2 for frame 2, put this sprite behaviors and Bullet and Scroll to Wrap.
Bullet with Speed * (0).
- Add Touch plugin for the direction of the character create a Sprite and the name (Direction). The movement of the character set is always pointing to the object (direction).
- Create a sprite naming to (body), again we will have a Polka Dot (Using the Brush), but if you want you can make some effects to the body enter the rotate behavior. It will be dynamically created and will be on the screen for a while. The size of the snake will be controlled by a variable (size). This variable will increase as it will eating the food scattered on the scene.
Do pretty much the same process to create the Enemy
- Create a simple sprite to be the head of the Enemy (Sprite), here insert an image (snake head) to become scary, put the Bullet behavior with Speed (95).
- Create a sprite naming to (body), the enemy of the body enter a color effect and behavior (Rotate).


Damage and UI
-UI- (User Interface)
** Create five (Sprite font) and configure:
TXT_Pontos: Position (10, 13)
TXT_Tamanho: Position (11, 44)
TXT_Movimento: Position (230, 13)
TXT_Velocidade: Position ( 10, 70)
TXT_Vitamina: Position (88, 70)

-Create a particle and name to (Blood) in this case insert a red ball with the (Brush) and set:
** Rate for (20)
** Spray cone (360)
** Type to (One Shot)
** speed for (200)
** Size to (4)
-Make a particle and name for (DestacarVelocidade), in this case inserted a yellow dot with (Brush) and set:
** Rate to (10)
** spray cone ( 360)
** Type to (One Shot)
** Speed for (200)
** Size to (3)

Game items
- Create a sprite naming for (food) the food should appear in various gaming sites and disappear after a while, for a visual effect to increase and decrease the size simultaneously.
with behaviors (Sine, Rotate and Fade), 
-Sine adjustment:
** Move to (size)
** Wave for (SINE)
** Period to (4)
** magnitude to (5)

-rotate setting for
** Speed for (300)

-Fade fit for:
** Fade Out Time for (12)
** Destroy for (After Fade Out)

-Create a Sprite and name to (CorpoCobraProtecao)
This Sprite serve to prevent the enemies to clash directly with the player's body. enter the Pin and behaviors with Rotate Speed (15). Dezenhe one Circulo like a shield.
(Move these items to the layer - (Game))

Create a Sprite in the layer (FimJogo) and name to (FimJogo), insert a frightening image. (used an image of a snake).

Now came the moment of truth ... let's start with the events, first create global variables and then play events. Separated the Global Variables in a wind foil for easy viewing, but be sure to include this event sheet for the game events.



For an event of the game sheet, rename it to (EV_Jogo).
Follow the steps as illustrations


System Events:


Events Movements:






automatic movements:

Food events (exclaims):


Global variables: I
separated in an event sheet to facilitate:


Thank you for this tutorial tutorial and give me strength.


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3 years ago
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