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Fruit Ninja My second Game . How i built it .

Posted: 2021-08-30 09:40:43 |    Posted by Readyone13 |    

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Fruit Ninja With simple thoughts and simple controls . Easy than other fruit ninja game out in this Internet . In other games to cut fruits you need to drag up and down above the fruit to cut it . But to make my game simple I made the controls like this that if you can just click the fruit you get a score . The fruits will simply show in random places and glide downward . You need to click the fruit before it touches the ground as you will get a -1 score if the fruit touches down edge and you will get +5 if bomb touches down edge . Similarly if you touch the fruit then you will get +1 . 

Now lets say something about me as i really don't know what to talk about in this dev log . I am a kid of 14 year . I play a lot of game myself Web Games , Valorant , CSGO , Minecraft etc I don't have a very good pc . But I tweak it and play games . Tried developing games and you can see my profile to know what is the outcome of trying to develop games . I know the graphics of my game is very very bad . I will try to improve that in my next games . Happy gaming . 

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