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GAME DEV LOG #1: Catching up to the present on Untitled Platformer

Posted: 2017-07-16 13:57:39 |    Posted by Discoveringmypath

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Well folks, I'm not god's gift to programming or a 12 year old prodigy game developer. I'm a 31 year old male, working a 9-5, married with 3 kids and oh ya attempting to make games... I don't have a team, so I'm solo'ing it. That means I make all my own graphics, have to use commercially free sound effects/music, market myself and obvious code as well. No small task. If you are interested in getting into game development, just know there is a lot that goes into it. Lastly, I'll  say that I'm enjoying every F*ing minute of it...


So it has been a dream of mine to make games for the past few years. I would always hit a problem coding, life would happen or fill in the ____ on the reason why I would quit every project I would start. So needless to say, up until about 6 months ago I never completed a single project. 6 months ago I decided, if this is every going to happen, I need to man-up and not throw in the towl. So I did! I built a kids learning app in a few months and released it... No knowledge about marketing, promoting... Nothing, just code, upload and done. First day 12 downloads... next day 8 downloads... very soon it was down to like 1ish a day. Recently it has spiked up a bit though which is interesting, wonder why... Anyways I learned that marketing is a real thing, and shit doesn't sell itself... 


By the way I use '...' a lot, don't ask why AND my vocabular/grammer/spelling skills suck...

Back to the Journey!!! 


So there I was, dreams crushed, 20 downloads ish... I had made .5 cents from ads in the game... (Good times) I wasn't really crushed, the app perform as I thought it would... But I learned that I need to build a following, learn some marketing skills and start working on a new project. @Discovermypath was born (Twitter account). Currently I'm at 450 followers, what up!!! I started working on a second kids learning app, and I wasn't having fun with it. I met a buddy @openWaterDev on Twitter (super cool dude, go check him out!!!) and he had just released his game Blobo (Apple App Store). Anyways I gave him some feedback, we talked and clicked, so we kept in contact. One thing about his game I liked was a single tap jumping feature. It inspired me and  I loved how simple it was, especially for a mobile game. I decided to steal that feature (well slightly modify it for my game and I didn't steal it, its just a tap lol)...

Anyways, If you go to my Twitter account, I have a 'moment' that is a game log and you can see the progress I made... Starting off, all I knew is that I wanted a game with multiple characters that you can swap between, and use the single tap type of functionality for movement. When I began making graphics for the game, I had no clue what I wanted. I'm also not an artist. I downloaded Inkscape and practiced and then eventually I was able to make some pretty decent stuff. I would just start drawing stuff and then when I saw something I thought looked good, I would stop and play around with it till I came up with something.

Also, one other thing. When I started on the game, I didn't know anything about SpriteKit (Apples 2d game framework). Everything has been trial and error up and to this point. It is daunting at first, trying to learn how to program let alone game programming. I would say take it slow, learn the basics and before long you will be off to the races. Also, don't get discouraged by problems that you WILL face that will take time to figure out. I have been stuck on problems that have lasted me a days. I would actively be searching for a solution and would never be able to find it. Then eventually, after some dedication I would finally find the problem and move on with the development. It is going to happen, in these moments is when you will figure out if you have what it takes to be a developer.

So this has been some random nonesense more or less about the beginnings of how I started game developing. I didn't get much into the game I'm currently making, but I will in future posts. For now, check my game out on Twitter: @discovermypath. Tell me what you think, volunteer to be a tester, or just hit me up to talk about other game dev stuff. Lastly, I have a slack group for Developers to get in touch with each other and share ideas and information. Feel free to contact me if you would like to join.


Till next time,






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iDev Commented:

Great dev log, enjoyed finding out more about your journey. Looking forward to the next!

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