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How to weaponize your son

Posted: 2018-01-26 12:35:01 |    Posted by DanBarreno |    www.netherworldgame.com/

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In this article we will talk about one of the bosses of NetherWorld "Mother Superior" we will tell interesting things about her and above all we will show step by step how her main mechanics works, turing her son into a huge deadly mace.


Church's Abbess of Netherworld's city, the legend tells that to protect her church she is able to give birth to creatures and use them as a mace grabbing them from her umbilical cord.

We can tell you clearly that it is not just a legend.

Well, you have entered this link to know "How to weaponize your son" and we're going to show you that step by step how.

  • First step, you have to give birth. generally opening the legs and squeezing. but we prefer to use the Unity physics engine.


  • Second Step, Grab the umbilical cord, usually 1m from the fetus is fine.


  • Third step, the moment you've been waiting for is here, burst your son against things. We have 3 force vectors, each of them will be applied temporarily spaced to the body of the fetus, it will be tied to the hand by the Unity physics system.


Why 3 vectors?

Well, we could have broken it down into how many vectors we want, but we decided 3 vectors was enough for a 2d game.


Video reference



The red line is the "bounce" vector, it is calculated in each hit. A force will be applied in this direction to add a bounce effect a little more "Cartoon" (Only in strong impacts)

  • Fourth step, Be carefull, it can blow out in your face.

And finally, a sample of its final version.


If you have to design a boss that uses a mace, the smartest thing is to draw the animation :D

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Thank you for reading.

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