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It's time for PonG and PonG 2 to unite forces!

Posted: 2018-06-02 20:11:46 |    Posted by Enter Entertainment Studio |    ententstd.blogspot.com

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In the past few months, PonG has become quite popular. And I thank you so much for that! But PonG was and still is a prototype, and so I created PonG 2. PonG 2  was never planned to be a successor for PonG. PonG 2 was meant to be an update for PonG. But because I wasn't sure if PonG 2 is good enough to become an update for PonG,  I separated them. Now I realise it was a mistake. So I decided to combine them back together. They will merge on 8/8/2018. Since then you won't be able to play the "classical" PonG anymore. Meanwhile,  until the "merge-date", there will be some more extensive updates on PonG 2 to make PonG 2 complete. After this, there will probably be some updates but at a much slower rate and they probably won't be too big.

You can take the "merge-date" as a release date of the full version of PonG. So get ready for the great updates!

Thank you for your support. - Enter Entertainment Studio

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