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Morterra - Friend's List & Character Customization!

Posted: 2021-04-15 10:18:11 |    Posted by morterra |    morterra.com

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Morterra Characterization
The latest update is now live!  

Here's what's new:

- Character customization: gender, skin color, hair style/color, and beard styles now available!

- Friends & Ignore list

- Chat censoring (enable/disable in settings)

- Fixed account recovery

- Improved day/night cycle (days now twice as long as night, and sunlight now fades on transition)

- Decreased player reach distance to deter the wall lag glitch (we have a permanent solution in the works!)

- Added crossbows to the anvil menu

- Improved the Highscores page

- Improved the About Us page

- Updated animal models



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