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Posted: 2020-04-24 10:46:16 |    Posted by Cyber010 Games |    rbradley2.myportfolio.com/

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Anyone Interested In making Chat Apps or Visual Novels ?

There Are many developers who have + Million downloads and some are really not that good :)






🎮Do you want to create a Cool Visual Novel or Chat App🎮 



Try this Game Engine. The Easiest and Fastest way to Building Chat Apps or Visual Game Novels 

Reebyte - Drag and Drop App Maker 


- Visual Novel Maker 
- Artist / Designer 
- Creative Director 
- Storyboard Artist 
- Creative Agency 
- Digital Marketer 
- Kids 
- Student 
- Teacher 
- Game Developers 
- Professional 

Plus:  Reebyte easy to use features such as Drag and Drop. Monetize your game with Admob all Platforms, Or Monetize with Facebook Ads.  

Online developer Tutorials in game for easy access and instructions. 




First Get a copy of Reebyte at Steam Or watch for it at KINGUIN 💲7.99 https://store.steampowered.com/cart/    


*FIRST* Go to EXPORT Button and Save the Example Project to Desktop. 


Example Project is a quick how to. Plus: Can be Reskin or Customized and is a good place to start your development fast!!! 

Use ESC Between Frames 

BIG REC. = To Close App 

The Components = Actually Pull Out NOT Click on, and Lift up On to Scroll the entire Components list.  


Home Button (START– New Project, Add Project or Import Project.  

Export Project – “Export” 

Build - *BUILD

Config. - 1) ADD Splash Screen Logo 2) Customize Dialogue Box Preview 3) Choose which Platform Apple, iOS, Android, Windows, HTML5, Facebook.  

Preview Build Version- Preview the entire Build Version. 

Preview Scene – Preview the Scene last created.  

Save Scene- Save Scene Progress. 

Create Scene Add New Scene to your Game Project 



COMPONETS – Includes: Text, Images, Character, Media, Effects, Command (Variables) and Steam SDK 

ASSETS - Easy Access to where the Background, Images, Character, Sound Effects, Music 

SCENES - Different Scenes are located in this section making it easy to add or replace. 



The ABC’s Of Reebyte 

Start (New Project) Name 

Add Start Label -Background, Characters,  

Add Button on Screen for Users 

Join Scene – Exit Scene - to change Backgrounds or Char View    

Add Show Text – and Text to your Characters followed by Hide the Text. 

Also Add Music and Sound Effects to game. 


Need Additional Info: Steam 

This is a Visual Novel I easily 


Ghost Fields   



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10 months ago
TylerCode Commented:

Hmm, will have to check this out. I've actually been wanting to do a visual novel for a long time now. Nothing fancy but just to tell a story (as it's for).

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