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New features... Dev logs, tutorials and profiles!

Posted: 2017-05-08 19:04:42 |    Posted by iDev |

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I've had this all in my mind for a long time now but I finally managed to get abit of time to make it happen.


Profiles isn't a finished product but it is the foundation. It replaces the "my games" section of the site and now acts as a hub of your activity on the site. It's intended to drive players and other developers to all your games, posts, likes, reviews and comments.

Create a post

You can now create your own post on the site. Currently you can either post a dev log or a tutorial. Posting content is intended to help the community and help drive players to your games. It also helps to get your name out there.

Also I want to look towards having tutorials for as many engines as possible to help users export their games for this site. I've added construct 2 to start off but if you use unity, gamemaker or maybe even an explanation on how to zip up a bespoke html5 game. Theres a high chance i will link to them from the game upload page which will gain you more exposure!

This is quite a large addition to the site and i'm looking forward to seeing how it pans out. Let me know if you like the new updates in the comments below!



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8 months ago
dark1994 Commented:

Great addition

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