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New Global Scoreboard / Leaderboards

Posted: 2018-11-30 20:37:18 |    Posted by iDev |    idevgames.co.uk

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There is now a scoreboards section on your edit game pages. Adding the ability to not only create and add scores to multiple scoreboards but to also allow you to submit scores to your scoreboards from inside your games using simple Ajax send requests. You can also retrieve your scoreboard data through ajax to be used to create scoreboards inside your games. 

The helicopter game I made has an example of a scoreboard I created in game. That being said I have also created an on site scoreboard system built in JQuery. 

So in reality the new system is as easy as sending some information over to a URL. Here's an example of how to do it in JQuery and Construct 2. I haven't wrote tutorials on retrieving the data to create in game scoreboards yet but it works in very much the same way, you can find more information about how it works on the scoreboards section of the edit game pages.

There is a few things to keep in mind. You won't be able to send a score until your game is uploaded, for security reasons. So it will not appear to work when attempting to send a score locally so you will need to upload your game to test your code is working correctly. You can also retrieve the username of the player if they are logged in on the site by following this JQuery or Construct 2 tutorials.

You need to also keep in mind that HTML5 games are built with client side scripting languages. As they are run by the client machine the code can be easily manipulated. I suggest getting creative with how you store your score that gets submitted to avoid fake scores from being submitted and not just submit the text of the score your displaying on screen. You have the ability to moderate your scoreboards and delete any fake or suspicious scores. You also could add verified scores manually to avoid anyone submitting fake scores.

The scoreboard system is designed to be easy to use and allows you to create multiple scoreboards for your game. Actually there is no limit on the amount of scoreboards you can create for a game. This allows you to create one for every level or game mode. You might want an official scoreboard with verified scores and one for in game submissions.

I hope this inspires more of us to make smaller highscore based games. I know that I will due to just how easy it is to do so now. As with every new feature that is added you may experience problems or bugs and as always please let me know if you do so.



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