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Robo Vs Zombie

Posted: 2017-09-17 11:24:08 |    Posted by Jetzoo1 |

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Hello Everyone,

Robo Vs Zombie is my first App made with Construct2, and although it was alot of fun to create, and Robo Vs Zombie also helped me in the learming process of construct2 but I still can't help but feel that it is in need of a lot of improvement with features.

I experienced some difficulty trying to make the screen bigger without blowing out and distorting the image.

I am going to be releasing a update soon to fix the buttons and to create growing buttons.

I will be setting up Facebook share and Ads.

I will shorten the ogg file to pull out the Robot killer sound effect...


In addition if anyone plays Robo Vs Zombie and experiences a problem. Can you so kindly share with me what is wrong...


Thank you !!



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iDev Commented:

I enjoyed it, keep up the great work!

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