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Simply Sweet - Guess The Candy

Posted: 2017-08-28 07:16:46 |    Posted by Jetzoo1 |    O l

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Guess The Candy

 A Simple Game For The Candy Lovers In All Of Us !

It has been a lot of fun creating Guess The Candy, and I created this simple Candy Game and I have made several builds such as to enable of In- App purchases, Added additional Candy Content, and added some sounds as well. 

I plan on adding additional sounds to create a Cool Candy Atmosphere, and with additional levels too.

The short Version of Candy Girl


I am so glad to have discovered iDevgames It is Really Awesome :)


Update to this post:

I currently added the short version of the Hit song Candy Girl - New Edition - 1983

In addition I also added Candy content in the total of 346, and with many more Candy to come...


If Any Fans of Guess The Candy would like to follow My App Page for Support please check out 


Thank you,





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