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Small fix and Stumbleupon!

Posted: 2018-01-28 14:19:25 |    Posted by iDev |    idevgames.co.uk

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Just a small but quite an important fix. After being contacted by DarkGriffin on twitter who told me that they was unable to turn email preferences off. It was the second time someone mentioned this to me so I looked into it straight away. It was isolated to users who signed up as game developers and did not upload a logo. This has now been fixed so my apologies for not looking into this sooner.


Also I have been experimenting lately in driving more gamers to the site. The majority of our user base is developers and so are the followers on our twitter. Which is not a bad thing but now having 129 published games on the site I've decided to think a little about this.


So I started to think about stumbleupon. If you didn't know what stumbleupon is, in short, it's a site that allows you to view random web pages by categories that you are interested in. Allowing you to discover new things. Online games also being one of their categories.


It's a site I've used more so in the past but the truth is it only ever produces small bursts of visitors when liking a page. Though the theory is, the more people who like a page the more it will end up being showed to other users on stumbleupon. So as you can see below and above a new orange stumbleupon button is prominent on games and post.


So I highly recommend creating an account on stumbleupon if you haven't got one. Then just press the orange button to share the page and choose a category. It's quick and simple and I would recommend doing it with any page on the site you like. It should help more gamers discover the site and maybe then even play your games or look at your content.





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3 years ago
pandemia games Commented:

gracias por la informacion lo probare en cuento pueda

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