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Updates: Email system back in, less JS for non members and bug fixes.

Posted: 2019-11-16 09:26:33 |    Posted by iDev |    idevgames.co.uk

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So although the rebuild went live a week ago, I didn't actually finish the email system. So now I have put the ability back in for the site to be able to send news, new game, new tutorials and new dev log emails.

I've also decided to try and split out any javascript that isn't needed for non logged in users. This wasn't possible before but now that all the JS is split out individually I was able to get it working. The theory is, when you do eventually load the extra JS it should be less of a download instead of getting it all in one go. It then should get cached for fast loading. The reason I have done this is to make the site quicker for search engines, we should appear faster and should hopefully rank better.

I've also now included the level and xp bar to member profiles, game pages and post pages as until now this has not been included. Other then this I have been making slight bug fixes and changes.

Also I wanted to thank TMD Studios who found a bug when adding a new game. Although the server was set up to accept execution time higher then 30 seconds as this had been a problem that was solved in the past before the rebuild. I now had to configure it in the JS as well. If you have or are running into any problems or notice that something isn't quite right please contact me and let me know on twitter @HTML5Arcade so I can work towards fixing it as soon as possible.



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