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BloxBird demo now available!

A few months ago I sad that I want to make an html5 demo of BloxBird, but it didn't work. So, I decided to create a PC demo instead, and it's now available on and! And you can also download the full version there.   ...
Dev Log

Future of Get the water

  Yeah, it took me a while since my last post and I haven't got good news. I paused Get the water development for now. It's because I started a more important project (for me). It will be a 2D pixel art platformer and you should be able ...
Dev Log

Get the water release date announcement!

Hi, I am glad to announce you that my project Get the water will be released to testing on 15.5.2018 (if there won't be any issues). If you want to know more about this project you should view previous devlogs and if you want to stay in touch ...
Dev Log

Get the water devlog #2

Hi, welcome to 2nd devlog of Get the water project! So, what has been done? when you click the "water" button you will get "water" (W)  you can upgrade the amount of water per click some basics of water per second (W/s) system ...
Dev Log

Get the water devlog #1

As I sad before on my Twitter account (@er_et_), I am working on a new project for Android and I won't include any screenshots in this post, but they should be in a next one. This post includes some basic information and ...
Dev Log

Wedventure update v.1.1.0

Hi, I am proud to announce to you a new update for Wedventure it will contain two new changes: - jump sound effect - new rock texture I got this update already created and ready for upload, but for some reason I am unable to upload it no...
Dev Log

How to create a custom widget of game you like on and add it to your website.

First go to page of game you want to add on your website, then click on embed code and than copy embed code. Than go to your webiste editor and paste the embed code you copied wherever you want to place it. And finally you can play your selecte...

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