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Student App Dev, Student Blockchain Dev, Blockchain Enthusiast.

Construct2 Dev, RPG Maker MV, Smile Game Builder,

Crypto Miner, Dev on Steam.

Certified Electrician.


One of My Cryptocurrecy Prototypes


 Blockchain DApp





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* New Developers *

Hi Everyone,     Do you want to Create Games Apps ? Are you interested in the Construct 2 HTML5 Game Creator but don't know where to start ? I can help you get acquainted with this great Game Creator... 1.) Download the free edition...
Posted by: Jetzoo1

Update to Robo Vs Zombie

Hello Everyone,   I wanted to share the first successful Update of Robo Vs Zombie. I Update the ogg  music files, and these are a few that I brought to my App. Power-Up, Jump, Shoot... I also Update the screen size in Google Play store...
Posted by: Jetzoo1
Dev Log

Robo Vs Zombie

Hello Everyone, Robo Vs Zombie is my first App made with Construct2, and although it was alot of fun to create, and Robo Vs Zombie also helped me in the learming process of construct2 but I still can't help but feel that it is in need of a lot of im...
Posted by: Jetzoo1
Dev Log

Get Your KeyStore The Easy Way

Hello Everyone, I am trying to help anyone who finds the KeyStore is just not in their Tech Savvy Dictionary...  1.) Use either of these Apps to help the process plus it is faster.
Posted by: Jetzoo1

Facebook Key Hash Made Easy

Hello Everyone, I am a student Mobile Application Developer & a New Construct2 Developer as well, and I wanted to share a few Tutorials with everyone on how to make App Development easy...   This Tutorial is on key Hash Made Easy.It Reall...
Posted by: Jetzoo1

Simply Sweet - Guess The Candy

Guess The Candy  A Simple Game For The Candy Lovers In All Of Us ! It has been a lot of fun creating Guess The Candy, and I created this simple Candy Game and I have made several builds such as to enable of In- App purchases, Added additional...
Posted by: Jetzoo1
Dev Log

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