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Our HTML5 game platform is the simplest way to self publish your games online. We build the tools to give you control over your game online with our platform.

Our platform is a platform made by an indie game developer for indie game developers like yourself. I've kept simplicity in mind through out the management process of your game. Get your game added in minutes and then verified later so you can get people playing your games straight away.

It is completely free to self publish your game with us. Our games are all embedable aswell to allow websites to play your games from their website, giving your games greater exposure.

We only allow publishing of games built in HTML5. HTML5 browser based games are the future due to fantastic game engines such as Unity, Construct 2, Construct 3, Phaser, Pico-8, Gamemaker Studio, RPG Maker, Impactjs and Cocos2d

To get started in publishing your game you will need to create a free account and the visit the Upload Game page.

How to upload a html5 game

Games Created With

Click the below logo for the game engine you use to see just how easy it is to export your game files.

Construct 2

Construct 3

Unity WebGL

Gamemaker Studio


Benefits For Developers

Earn More

Earn More!

Make money from every player. Best of all you will earn 100% of the profit from your games straight into your own my-ga.me account.

Mobile friendly

Mobile Friendly!

Build your games with mobile controls and your game will be playable on many mobile devices by visiting the website in a mobile browser.

Greater traffic

Greater Exposure!

Embed your game on any site or web page and still earn from every player, even when players play your game while on other sites.

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